We often think of our work environment as a stressful place.
Sarah and Gabriella would like to help your company re-think that.

  Forward Bend

We will create a space for you and your co-workers to breathe, move and connect on a different level.

Our experience teaching in corporate environments has shown how wellness activities in the workplace foster better communication, productivity, and overall morale. Let yoga help to shift the outlook and daily experience of your employees, and see how this simple act can transform your work environment.

"Gabriella is a wonderful teacher who brings passion and personality to her classes. I have physically grown stronger and my practice has become more meaningful since practicing with her. In a class full of beginners to advanced yogis, everyone benefits from her personal attention and she is able to adjust the flow, pace and postures to suit each individual’s level."

— Jenn Child, Jones New York

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*We require 24 hours to change or cancel your appointment.